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Watts Energy Delivered the Fourth and Last Set of 900m³ LNG Fuel Tank


Recently, the fourth and last set of 900m3 LNG fueltank designed and built by Watts Energy for Dalian Gloryholder was successfully delivered to Fukuoka, Japan, and will be installed in the dual-fuel chemical carrierwhich is under construction.

The LNG fuel tank shipped this time is for the No.4carrier of 26,300 DWT dual-fuel chemical carrier series products built by Japan Fukuoka Shipbuilding. Each tank has a diameter of 6.38m and a total length of 30.43m, with a capacity of 900m3 of LNG.

As a new type of environmental protection equipment,LNG fuel tank has outstanding environmental protection advantages. Using LNG asa ship power can greatly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxidesand nitrogen oxides, which is of great significance for the global response toclimate change and the reduction of air pollution.

During the construction of this series of projects, Watts Energy has overcome many difficulties from strict design requirements to complex construction processes and high standards of process project control. Watts Energy has always adhered to high standards and high quality to ensure superiorproduct performance.

This is also the third series of projects completed by Watts Energy in the Japanese shipbuilding market after Mitsubishi Shipbuildingand Imabari Shipbuilding series projects.

With advanced technology and rich experience, we uphold the concept of "independent innovation, green development" andwill continue to innovate in the field of LNG fuel tank manufacturing to improvethe technical content of products and market competitiveness. We are committed to providing customers with greener and more environmentally friendly gasenergy solutions!

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