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Exploring New Field, Steel Cutting of First Port Machinery


At 8:00am, on 8thNov., the steel cutting ceremony of Indonesia Tsingshan bucket stacker & reclaimer takes place in WOE Qidong base. The owner and Design Institute attend the ceremony.



The production capacity of the bucket is 4500 tons/hour of stacker, 1500 tons/hour of reclaimer and turning radius is 35m. This project will be used for PT.Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel’s thermal power generation (350MW) coal handling system. Once the thermal power generation completed, it will be merged into Indonesia grid. And will also supply power for Tsingshan nickelferrite factory in Indonesia Sulawesi Island.


Since the implementation of the transformation and upgrading strategy, WOE has been continuously exploring new fields and gradually forming three series products of liquefied cargo tanks and systems, pressure vessels and special steel structures. The ceremony marks a breakthrough for WOE in the port machinery field and laid a solid foundation for further development.


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