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Steel Cutting of the Tank for China's First Ocean-going LNG Bunker Vessel!


At 9:58am on Aug. 20th, under the joint witness of the representatives of the owners from ENN Energy, DSIC, JHW Engineering and CCS, China’s first ocean-going LNG bunker tank undertaken by Watts Energy was officially started!


This 8500m3 LNG bunker vessel is the first new LNG bunker vessel of ENN Energy. As a leader and pioneer in the domestic liquefied gas industry, ENN Energy has continuously expanded its business inthe field of liquefied gas and improved its industrial chain layout. It is reported that the new vessel is expected to be put into operation in 2020, and will mainly rely on the ENN Zhoushan international LNG bunker terminal to engage in LNG fuel filling business. Besides, the vessel will also provide gas trial services for LNG carriers and other LNG fuel vessels.


The ENN Energy and DSIC selected the company as the supplier of cargo tank, which the core equipment of the bunker vessel, is a full affirmation towards the company's technical development and production management capabilities. After the series of 85,000m3 VLEC cargo tank, this is the second type product of LNG cargo tank, which witnesses the unremitting efforts of the company to transform and upgrade to be oil & gas special equipment service providers. At the same time, the company also provides production design of cargo handling system for the vessel.


Based on professional design, production and service capabilities, Watts Energy will continue to deepen the niche market of LNG\LEG\LPG cargo tank and cargo handling system to provide high standards & high quality products and services for the liquefied gas market!

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