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Commencement of Large-scale Special Gas Equipment Project of Watts Offshore & Engineering


On the morning of May 29, a commencement ceremony was held for large-scale special gas equipment project at Qidong Base of Jiangsu Watts Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. In addition, Shanghai Watts Gallop Holding Group Co., Ltd.and France Jacquet Holding Group signed a cooperation agreement on engineering design and general contracting in the oil and gas market of Watts Offshore Engineering.

The cooperation was carried out mainly by JHW Engineering Company, a EPC company established in Hong Kong, and its subsidiary in China. German Hartmann Company also participated in relevant project cooperation. The production platform is Jiangsu Watts Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. in Qidong, Jiangsu and the company is increasing investment to meet the requirements for construction and installation of super large equipment. It is reported that, Watts Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd. will become a production base of the tank type with the largest scale and the most advanced technology and the leader of construction in 85,000 m3 gas carrier tanks after the project is completed. It also will become the only offshore engineering company to build highly sophisticated tanks in the world.

Jacquet Holding Group will share its successful experiences and good performance of shipbuilding, ship owning and operation from China’s large innovative projects with partners in the past 12 years.

It was expressed by the President Wang Shizhong that, one of strategic tasks and priorities of Made in China 2025 is to promote breakthrough development of offshore engineering equipment, high-tech ship and other key areas and Made-in-China going global has become a new national strategy. Based on business philosophy of “earnest, humility, harmony and development” and company spirit of “forever pursuit of continuous improvement”, our group invested in the project of Watts Offshore Engineering. Under concern and support of the government at all levels, a manufacture base of large-scale equipment for offshore gas transport has been built by integration of advantageous resources and unremitting efforts of all concerned parties. It will become a new star of industry segment. We are the practicer of manufacturing transformation and upgrading and aspire to build the Watts Offshore & Engineering into a model of Made-in-China going global. Mr. York, President of Jacquet Holding Group expressed that: “JHW Engineering Company and Watts Offshore & Engineering are an integral part of Jacquet Holding Group in a new development stage, which will promote existing partnership in China’s shipbuilding and engineering design and cooperation with large financial institutions. This business model is beneficial to customers of subsidiaries under Jacquet Holding Group and we prefer to offer our services to a larger customer base in the world.”

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