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GOAL: "ZERO CARBON" - Watts Energy, DSOC, MARIC, DNV and TGE co-sign a R&D agreement


On May 30, 2024, led by Dalian Shipbuilding Offshore Co., Ltd.(referred to as DSOC), Jiangsu Watts Energy & Engineering Co., LTD. (referred to as WE) signed a joint R&D agreement of  LCO2 Carrier with DSOC,DNV, MARIC(CSSC 708 Institute) and TGE. Mr. Yan Zhengyun,CEO and GM of WE, signed the agreement on behalf of WE.

In recent years, environmental issues,especially climate change have become increasingly serious, the control and reduction of carbon emissions have become a consensus in the world. The Paris Agreement commits the world's major economies to zero carbon emissions by 2050. Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is an important means to achieve the goal, in the way separating CO2 from industrial processes, energy use or the atmosphere. The process of using CO2 directly or injecting it into the sedimentary reservoir to achieve permanent CO2 reduction. According to the technical process, CCUS include carbon capture,carbon transport, carbon utilization, carbon storage and other links. Liquid carbon dioxide carrier is an important role for carbon transportation.

As a pioneer in clean energy and carbonreduction for ships, WE has been making great achievements in the field of carbon capture technology. In Jan. 2024, WE delivered the world's first 7,500m3 LCO2 tank for Northern Lights project in Norway. Previously, WE also actively invested in the R&D of new materials of LCO2 tank, and jointly carried out the R&D of ultra-large low-temperature and low-pressure steel for cargo tanks of LCO2 Carriers,and passed the strict tests requirements and be certified by DNV.

Together with the contracting parties, WE will give full play to its own advantages, actively invest and closely cooperate among industry resource integration, specification formulation and technical solution development, strive to provide standardized products and high-quality solutions for global customers, and contribute technical strength to the goal "zero carbon" .

The organization sattending the ceremony also include: Dalian Ganjingzi District Committee of CPC, The Party-working Committee and management council of Dalian Bay Linhai Equipment Manufacturing gathering zone, sub district office of Dalian Bay,China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation and shareholder’s representatives of DSOC.

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