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Keep moving! WOE starts the second 85,000cbm Mega Semi-refrigerated type-C Tank!


Steel Cutting Ceremony for 85,000M3 Mega Semi-refrigerated type-C tank is held in Jiangsu Watts Offshore & Engineering Co., Ltd (“WOE” for short) on 20th September. The representatives from DSIC, JHW and Hartmann attend the ceremony.

The second set of 85000M3 tanks includes four cargo tanks and two deck tanks, which is customized for the 85,000cbm VLEC. It can load various kinds of liquefied gas, such as ethane, ethylene. The loading capacity of one tank is up to 23,000cbm, since it adopts the world's most advanced Tri-lobe design. Comparing with the traditional bi-lobe tank design, it offers 20% more loading capacity without changing the length and width of the vessel.

After the first successful delivery of the world first made 85000M3 Mega Semi-refrigerated type-C tank in December, 2017,this is another firm step for WOE, which not only marks that we are ready to provide first-class core equipment for global offshore gas transport solutions,but also reflects our determination to develop the VLEC market continuously.

At present, the first 85000M3 VLEC isintensely constructed in DSIC, which will be delivered to Evergas, who belongs to JACCAR Holdings, in the first quarter of 2019 for ethane transportation. Andthe steel cutting of second VLEC has held in July,2018 in Dalian.

WOE has accumulated unique experience in the design and manufacturing of ultra-large cryogenic pressure storage tanks by the construction of the world first 85000M3 VLEC tank and the world first 15000M3 RPV. The second tank project will greatly increase the proportion of automatic welding. WOE will ensure delivery on schedule with high standards and strict requirements. Also,WOE will continue to take the advantages of mega tank manufacturing platform to build “Maritime Gas Silk Road” for JACCAR Holdings as the echoes with the Beltand Road Initiative of Chinese government.

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