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In Watts Offshore & Engineering, we encourage and support you to develop and explore personal potential; while you are devoted in the work, you also have a lot of opportunities for career development and promotion. The most important is that in order to better get into the company, we will try our best to listen to your every professional need and put it into practice.

We welcome everyone who decided to engage the oil and gas industry.

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As a rapidly developed young enterprise, we know that talent is the key to protect the company’s everlasting. We provide “three-channel” promotion and development mode of technology, specialty and management for employees, making the employees better realize the combination of their own values and the company’s values on the basis of the personal interests and expertise, thus realizing the common growth of themselves and the company.

We usually carry out recruitment in Q4. Please pay attention to your campus vocational center.

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  • We usually recruit interns from October of every year to April of the following year. If you want to know whether we will host an internship, you can contact your school's career guidance center or deliver your resume online.

    We respect and safeguard the rights and interests of employees, highly value employees' lives, health and safety, and is committed to promoting the comprehensive development of employees, and realizing the synchronous promotion of the value of employees and the value enterprise.

    No. 88 Haigong Avenue, Qidong City,
    Jiangsu Province
    + 86 (0513) 83923888
    Room 208, Building A, Watts Gallop Tower,
    No. 2816, Yixian Road, Shanghai
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