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WE successfully delivered the second set of the world’s largest type "C" 85,000cbm VLEC cargo


On Aug. 19th, 85,000m3 VLEC cargo tank (hereinafter referred to as “cargo tank”) designed and manufactured by Watts Energy were rolled on board at the Qidong base load-out quay and has achieved successful delivery. The cargo tank will be transported to the DSIC shipbuilding base in Dalian, China. The VLEC is scheduled to be final assembled and commissioned by 2020 to serve the “Maritime Gas Silk Road” by Jaccar Holdings in France for ethylene and ethane gas trade transportation from the United States to China and Europe. 

The cargo tank delivered this time is the second set of 85,000m3 VLEC series products. The cargo tank adopts the world's most advanced Tri-lobe design, with a single tank capacity of 23,000m3 and the steel construction weight of 1,800 tons. Compared with the traditional bi-lobe tank design, it offers 20% more loading capacity without changing the length and width of the vessel. The company optimized the design and construction proposal based on the first set, and greatly improved the level of automatic welding technology. The production period was accelerated by 45 days compared to the first set, the production efficiency was significantly improved.

It is reported that under the influence ofthe shale gas boom in the United States, the supply of ethane continues to grow, and the demand in the Asian region is gradually increasing, which will bring a large number of orders for very-large ethane transportation vessels(VLEC).

Watts Energy & Engineering Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Shanghai Watts Gallop Holding Group Co., Ltd. and French Jaccar Holdings. The company aims to become an offshore large-scale oil & gas energy special equipment service provider. As a private enterprise, Watts Energy has always adhered to its initial intention and contributes the company’s own efforts to strengthen the national manufacturing industry. Inrecent years, the company has always stuck to the cargo tank and cargo handling system as a strategic brand product. With introducing advanced technology through cross-border cooperation, carrying out industry-university research activities, the company continuously realized technological innovation.Besides, on the basis of the "largest" product, the company pursues the best. Excellent cost control, optimal production cycle and optimal quality standards, thus to provide customers with the best quality service!

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