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WE Delivered LNG Fuel Tanks to MSB for 7,000 CEU PCTC FGSS


Jiangsu Watts Energy & Engineering Co.,Ltd (WE) delivered 2*1,18750pxb LNG fuel tanks to its customer MitsubishiShipbuilding Co., Ltd (MSB) on November 18, 2022. It is the first delivery amongWE’s 6 serial projects with MSB, supplying one of the key components, LNG fuel tanks,for MSB’s 7,000 CEU PCTC FGSS projects, making WE’s successful debut in Japan.

This project contributes as one of the key componentsof the carrier’s FGSS, consisting of two 1,750 cbm fuel tanks and their upperTCS modules which gained Class approval by NK.  Different from previous deliveries, whose fueltanks were placed on the upper deck, these two tanks will be accommodated on thelower deck to ensure more space for cars/trucks on the deck. Adopting a compactdesign their upper TCS modules are covered by steel shells, which make them betterprotected as well as more stable and efficient in operation. With a mature design,the thickness of the shell plates was 9.5mm at its thinnest, making its structuralweight the lightest and more economical among the known tanks at the samevolume.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. coversthe maritime related businesses of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group. Ithelps propel forward the development of the maritime industry both in Japan andaround the world through conventional shipbuilding and marine engineering, basedon its deep technological expertise in shipbuilding, and by leveraging the widerange of technologies across MHI Group.

As an active participant in the energyequipment industry, Jiangsu Watts Energy & Engineering Co., Ltd (WE) iscommitted to providing innovative gas energy storage and transportationsolutions, design and manufacture of large-scale special equipment, and shiprepair &retrofit. Our products include large-scaled LNG/LEG/LPG marine cargotanks, fuel tanks, cargo handling systems, fuel gas supply systems, gasificationmodules, large offshore wind power equipment, petrochemical pressure vessels,port machinery equipment, etc. The successful delivery of this project marks anew level of our lean production and quality management which lays a solidfoundation for our deepening cooperation with the east Asian markets.

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