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DSME and CGT Sign FGSS License Agreement


Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and Cryolobe GasTechnology (CGT) signed a license agreement for marine high pressure FGSS (fuelgas supply system) in a signing ceremony on January 14, 2022. According to theAgreement, CGT is granted the license to use HiVAR-FGSS patent for its ongoingand future projects.

Developed by DSME, HiVAR-FGSS is a core technology for LNG-fueled ships asit is able to increase fuel efficiency and thus reduce emissions, which makesit a solid technical solution necessary for merchant vessels equipped with highpressure fuel gas supply system.

“In the past few years, LNG fueled systems were delivered mostly bysuppliers from Europe. It is great to see more and more energetic and strongparticipants, like CGT, emerging from the Asian market. With IMO's increasinglytightening decarbonization regulations, it’s reasonable to say clean energyincluding LNG as well as ammonia and hydrogen will become effective solutionsin the market. Orders for dual-fuel propelled vessels have been increasing yearby year, and hopefully we can develop more cooperation with each other in thedual-fuel market.” Said Mr. Youn Heo Director of DSME R&D Institute.

Mr. Zhou Bing, Executive Vice-GM of CGT, added, “DSME plays anindispensable role in the commercialization of marine high pressure FGSS, andit has been devoted to the green revolution of the shipbuilding industry. CGTbelieve that LNG-fueled FGSS is a sustainable solution now and for a long timeto come. CGT technical team has been working in thefield of gas carriers for over 20 years. With our rich experience in the industry,the high-pressure gas supply system for a serial of LEGC delivered by CGT hasbeen on safe operation formore than 50,000 hours. With the pioneering of DSME and others in the industry, CGT will contributeto the world's energy saving and emission reduction through continuousexploration in clean energy solutions.”

The signing of the license agreement between DSME and CGT, marks a solidstep for CGT to become an international clean energy solution provider in thefield of LNG-fueled vessel and future marine clean energy solutions.

Cryolobe Gas Technology Co., Ltd. (CGT) is a professional EPC company inChina to provide marine dual fuel gas supply system and engineeringdevelopment, equipment integration and core equipment construction services forLPG/LEG/LNG marine FGSS and cargo handling system for clients in domestic andinternational market.

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